Application Type: Console
Usage: Dresolve domain1.com domain2.com ...
Purpose: this simple resolve all domains or IP provided and return something like this:

This was inspired by FoundStone.com, they have a tool called Fport which will list
all listening UDP/TCP port and application with full path name associated with those ports.
I wrote this because I found out that fport does not run on my win2k advance server
Sample outputs:

TCPKill has the ability to kill any connected TCP session on the running machine
To disconnect yahoo messenger simply type this DTCPKill yahoo.com [Enter]
This is useful to kill connections made by backdoors, troijans quickly in case you
have no firewall installed or your firewall was brought down by soem troijan.

I just wanted to have a simple tool to check for availabilities of domain names
This tool should check for multiple com/net/org domain names and give a nice summary
after checking for all domains.
At the console, type Dwhois domain1.com domain2.com ... [Enter] and you get it all
You can even type Dwhois without parameters, then you can paste many domains
copied from some text file. Simply end the inputs by one empty line, Dwhois will check all
domains for you in a second.

Dsniffer is a small console utility that can caputure all FTP, POP3(email), ... passwords
that travel in your local network. I wrote this since I have many email accounts, sometime
I forget the passwords and I have to use this to recover them. Unlike windump which only show
packet headers and unlike other "big" sniffers which require drivers. This simple tool will
just run as you type it Dsniffer

Unlike all others sendmail programs. This will never ask you for a SMTP server in order to send
Emails. It works naturally. Just provide it with "from address", any "to address", a "subject", some contents
and it will send without asking you anything. No setup required, no configurations saved.

NoteFTP is very useful when you need to edit some webpages very often. Webpages can be in any
text formats. Just fire up NoteFTP, enter username/password and connect. Navigate through your folders.
Then double click any cgi, html, php, asp files. Start editing your files. Any time you save the files, they
will be uploaded intantly. NoteFTP has a nice keep-alive mechanism that will keep the connections to
the FTP servers regardless type of FTP servers. Some new FTP servers do not like NOOP commands,
NoteFTP does not use this method so you dont lose your connections any more.

I did some googles for a tool like this but I did not find any. So I dicided to write one. You might find it useful.
DelSpam allow you to delete messages on your POP3 server that has specific: from addresses, subjects,
Usage: DelSpam username password mail_server spam@something.com somesubject ...

Aka Wget on *nix platform. Although many people have written the same thing. I still wanted to write
my own, its simple but effective. You can download very big files upto Gigabytes, small footprints, download
accelerators ... It even supports Secured HTTP (https) with openSSL
Usage: Dget http://someserver.com/somefolder/somefiles.ext [localfilename]